Finally… Getting the kids to help more



I have a couple of issues with my kids:


Although they do do chores, I feel like they should be doing more around the house.

Currently they receive a small weekly allowance for doing 2 chores on a daily basis.   In addition there are chores they need to do when asked without remuneration, just because they are part of the family and everyone in our family helps out.  Zach especially will drag his feet most days when it comes to his chores.  



The have an unhealthy (but apparently normal) obsession with ipads and xbox!

Our rule is, no electronics during the week (I don’t count television) but 1 hour allowed on a Friday (afterschool), Saturday and Sunday.  

School holidays are a lot different and I manage this on a daily basis depending on what they have been doing.  





Lego bricks.  The kids can now earn additional time credits on electronics, to be used on the weekend.

One lego brick equals 5 mins.  Their aim is to create the biggest lego tower possible during the week.



unnamed (5)a


The kids are now fighting over who gets to empty the dishwasher, or sweep the floor.  I don’t even have to remind them or ask them if they want to earn extra credit.  They start doing it before I even realise what’s going on.  There have been a large number of wide eyed looks over the kids heads between hubby and I, and even a bit of excitement on our part.

I feel like I have hit the jackpot.

Would this work in your house? 







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