Organise it – DVD/CD’s all over the place?


It is true, we live in an age where DVD’s and CD’s are just hanging in there.  No doubt when our kids are older, they will be a thing of the past.

But for now, even if you haven’t brought any for a while, what’s the bet, you have a tonne of them taking up cupboard space?   Or even more to the point.. after Christmas and  those long summer holidays, perhaps you have a stack of them that haven’t quite gotten around to tidying up.


I have a great storage solution, one that I implemented about 8 years ago and it really does work a treat.  I have also saved myself an incredible amount of storage space.


final 3




Buy a big (or very big) DVD storage folder.  When purchasing, make sure its strong enough to hold all of your DVD’s without falling apart.  It might be worth going mid-range price here. (I brought ours in China).


final 1




Remove each of your DVD’s from their covers and put them into the folder.   You may decide to divide them into sections.. I tend to have older kids ones starting from the front, and baby ones starting from the back page..   (I have a second folder for hubby and my movies).


final 2




Chuck all your covers into the recycling bin.  JOB DONE! Space reclaimed.



*I have a small portable CD case that carries about 5-10 discs for when we are travelling.

I really love it when we have a movie night now, the kids can easily pull out the folder and choose a movie without having to pull out all the cases and make a mess everywhere.


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