Body by Bex – Why have a personal trainer, and what makes a good one?

Good question!

I have had personal trainers since I returned from traveling at the age of 21….. I was 12kg overweight and knew I wanted to get into shape! I had been traveling Canada & Alaska with a friend and most days consisted of us eating & drinking our way around the place!

When I returned home my twin sister didn’t recognize me and as some sister’s can be, she found it very amusing  I was the ‘fat twin’!! After a fairly  short space of time I shed most of that weight by returning to work as a travel agent and getting back into a normal routine but,  I wanted more than that! I wanted ‘Geri Halliwell in ‘Its Raining Men’ body !!


Body by Bex 01


I found Alicia my first ever PT and just adored her! She was fun, hard working,  enthusiastic, focused, realistic and optimistic! Her energy and bubbly personality were addictive which made every day training with her AWESOME !

I’ve never looked back! I have loved each and every one of my personal trainers over the years, and now love being one! I put that down to their commitment to me as well as my commitment to them!

My advice – Find a PT that you connect with, that can instantly make you feel at ease, that leaves you with a good first impression.  IF NOT change them! What works for one person is different to another!

It’s always nice having the compliment that my clients love my energy and enthusiasm, my passion and my support! So get out there and find one you connect with, I promise you it will then make all the hard work just that like bit more worth it!!


FITNESS FACT:  Burpees are an awesome all round exercise! They make everything burn… Your muscles , your lungs and a tonne of calories! Try doing 10 every day!

FOOD FACT:  Blueberries are one of the richest sources of antioxidants.


“I’ve never tried to be different,

I’ve just always been me,

and to the right people

that has always been enough”

rob hillsr




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