Congratulations Hannah Tunnicliffe



You may remember our ‘friend of the show’ Hannah Tunnicliffe from the very first “5 with…” interview on Organised Chaos.. and I am happy to announce, Hannah is launching her second book, and you are invited to join her!


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Congratulations Hannah, I really enjoyed your first book, and am looking forward to reading this one.



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Just incase you missed Hannah’s interview, here it is again below.


5 with… Hannah Tunnicliffe


Who are you?

Hannah Tunnicliffe, author and blogger and mama, living in New Zealand with my husband and two daughters. My first book, The Colour of Tea, was published by Pan Macmillan in Australia and now graces bookshelves in over eight countries. Hooray! My blog (, which I co-author with fellow writer Ria Voros, is where I get to rant and rave about my two favourite topics – food and books.

Prior to that I was a Director of Human Resources for a casino in Macau, China and at other times – a waitress, a career coach and a retail assistant (I was really terrible at that last one). I have lived in five different countries and once in a campervan called Fred while travelling across the European continent.


How did you end up being an author?

I became an author after a lot of soul searching (intentional) and then, eventually, sort of falling into writing (unintentional). Writing was the secret ambition I’d buried so deep even I had forgotten I had a passion for it. I cannot begin to explain how relieved and joyful I am to be able to write for a living. I work hard and I have been very lucky and I am grateful for both.


What’s the worsIMG_6358t thing you have done? 

In two separate jobs I was required to dress up for Christmas parties. Once as Santa and the other time as an elf. I am very, very glad that my current job will probably never require me to do that again.


What’s next for Hannah the author?

I am currently working on my second novel, which should be published and released early to mid 2015. I am really excited about this next book which explores themes of grief, love and hope. Of course there are also delectable descriptions of food and characters you should feel as though you know already or would love to sit down and have a wine with.


Do you have a favourite recipe?

I really like this recipe from My New Roots for Raw Brownie

I haven’t made it for a while and I have been thinking about it. That’s a sign of a good recipe, right? Just because this is “healthy” please don’t get the impression that I am one of those “I only eat tofu at sunrise with Taurus rising” type of people. As evidenced by this post with not one but THREE different chocolate recipes

I guess you could sum up my personal eating philosophy as : Eat All The Things. Be Curious. Be Happy.


You can read more about Hannah at   or


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