Organise it – Guest memories


Moving around all over the place as we have, we have accumulated friends (and a growing family) all over the place – which usually means to see them, we travel to visit them, or they travel to visit us.

My grandmother (in her 80’s) inspired me to start a visitors book, to record a snippet of each guests stay with us.


guest book final 1


It’s very interesting when I go to visit her (in Queensland) and flick back to 20 or 30 years ago and remember what we got up too.

Initially I had a regular guest book like hers… but about 5 years ago, I decided to “juz” it up a bit.


guest book final 5


I purchased a small photo book (from Kikki K), and a silver pen and now whenever people come to visit, I choose 2-3 photos that symbolise their stay and paste them into the book, and asks my guests to write a few words (and if I forget, I ask them to send me something via email, which I also paste into the book).


guest book final 3


I really love it, its such a lovely reminder of all the wonderful things we have done with our guests (if only I could remember to do it everytime someone stays… have gotten out of the habit NOTE, if you come to stay with us, please ask to fill it in).


guest book final 4




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