Kids Style File


By Stylist – Nat Baker.


Kids Style on a Budget
I am a mum on a budget.


I love finding clothes for my kids that are –






c) Stylish & FUN


d) Comfortable!!!


unnamed (5)


Firstly, kids grow up so fast and I really hate spending money on items that they wear once. Sure, my kids have some special items and designer brands, but they also have lots of other great bargain items and basics from chain retailers such as Target, BIG W, Best & Less and Kmart. There is so much awesome product to be found at these retailers!!! Australian designers/external brands (such as Morrissey, Mooks, Lee Cooper to name a few) are designing ranges for some of these stores, so you can be sure to find really cute, stylish product at great prices.




And secondly, my kids are soooo fussy!!! Choosing things without them is risky business. Does anyone else have that problem??? If so, get your kids involved in choosing their outfits and then they will WANT to wear them. If I take my 2 little people shopping to a store that has affordable/stylish clothing they feel pretty special if they have the ‘power’ to choose what they would like to wear.


All of the items featured in these photos are available in store at Target. Lots of textured items were chosen in black, grey, white & denim for the kids to model. I wanted to show just how easy it can be to make value-based product look expensive. I think they look super-cute…what do you think?
unnamed (3)
My cute mini models this time – Emma, Ellia, Xavier & Elke


Who is Nat Baker?  


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