Habitat Hairdressing: Hair Colour stainage and solutions

What great timing this article was Laura… I had my hair done at a new hairdressers this week, and as it’s quite a dark salon, I left not realising there was an inch of hair stain all around my hairline – arghh.  In the past I have tried to rub it off with soap and water, and its taken hours.  But no, not this time, a bit of facial scrub and it was gone in seconds (and without any elbow grease).  


By Laura Kerr – Habitat Hairdressing


Even when the hairdresser applies colour there can be stain areas left behind.


The hairdresser can apply a barrier cream before application of colour and/or rub with cotton and stain remover after.


Two top tips for home removal are:


Apply facial exfoliator to the stain areas, or
Apply vaseline around the hairline but not on the hair for a great ‘at home’ barrier solution


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Also be aware of bleaches and bright colour as there will be residue that can transfer onto towels and pillowcases.


 But most importantly have FUN with colour,

it can really brighten up your day. 



Habitat Hairdressing can be found at:

136 Commercial Road, Prahan

phone 03 8525 0808  email habitathairdressing@hotmail.com



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