Beauty from the inside out…


Don’t be fooled by the title of this one people….Myaka


by Kristina Ambler

What comes to mind when I say “Beauty from the inside out”?


Does it feel the same as “don’t worry about what you look like as long as you are a nice person?


This is not where I am going with this so stay with me.


A little story to get you up to speed…


I grew up in a house that was EXTREMELY weight and image conscious.

As a child I soon tied every last bit of my self-worth my into what I looked like.




For a large part it was a very confusing, draining and lonely way to be.

I stayed on this emotional roller coaster for a lot longer than I would like to admit.

On the birth of my first daughter I did a 360 on this way of living and  declared to myself and the universe that I would do everything in my power to spare my daughter from growing up feeling like this.

This entailed daily  compliments on how kind, caring and what a nice person she was.  I would lightly dismiss  her suggestions to spend more than the normal amount of time in the morning to do her hair pretty, and I tried to sway her from spending too much time worrying about what she wore. ( I was thinking she had her whole life to worry about that)

One morning after a heated debate on how the  lumps in her ponytail are not going to effect any great world problems and to get over it.  She looked at me and said” why can’t you be happy for me that I am pretty?”

My whole body skipped a beat,  I wasn’t allowing my beautiful daughter to express herself. in some weird way I felt a similarity to what mum had unconsciously done to me.



unnamed (3)


That morning was a blessing in disguise for me as I am more aware and am consciously allow my daughter to express herself with beautiful things whilst teaching her that no way is her worth tied up in any of it.

Trust me I am not living in fairy land here, and I imagine I will come up against all the insecurities and feelings that come with being a mother with  girls, although I vow to stand strong and support them without getting caught up in it with them.

I believe we all have our own unique expression of beauty that yearns to be expressed.  It is just learning to tap into this from an inspired state not from a measuring up to someone else or if I look a certain way I will be approved off kind of way.


Its finding your own way.


Being inspired by beautiful things really does ignite our own beauty. 


Try it for yourself.


We look beautiful when we feel beautiful.


Try put more energy into the things that make you feel  beautiful and I guarantee your outer world will radiate this back to you.




What helps you feel beautiful?


For  me  it is starting the day appreciating the beauty all around me.  This in turn inspires me to feel beautiful.  I like wearing beautiful things, a piece of jewellery or a polish can sometimes brighten my mood and change how I feel.


unnamed (3)


Take  some time to work out what makes you feel beautiful, implement as many of these things into your day as possible.

It may be cooking, gardening, taking photos, being with friends, quiet walks, working out, celebrating, fashion, art, your children, helping someone out  anything that ignites that natural state of beauty from the inside will  help it radiate on the outside.




When we feel good on the inside, we make better choices in all aspects of our life.  We care more about what we put in our body,  we care more on expressing our beauty on the outside in the way we look, and the way we treat others.




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