Body by Bex – Taking a break…


Ever suffered from the sorest body after training so hard? You know the type when sitting on the toilet is more painful than childbirth!  (For a split second anyway….) Yep that was me the past few days. Myself and my training buddy joined a good friend at her gym last week to train and do an intense leg session.

I consider myself pretty fit and love a challenge, I had been super excited to train at a “GYM” but before I knew it I had butterflies, sweaty palms and was feeling totally out of my comfort zone! The gym is friendly, small and in no way intimidating but it’s not my normal training environment. Having said that we smashed the session and boy were we sore for 2 days after…. So I had to rest. My muscles needed it and I also know how it important ‘rest days’ are.


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Your muscles need time to recover. After a big session a rest period of 24 – 48 hrs is good. Protein shakes help with muscle recovery so consume them immediately after training. Living by the ocean and with most of my training being done outdoors a good soak in the ocean is also a great way to allow muscles to recover.

Don’t forget your muscles will thank you for ‘rest’ days.


FITNESS FACT:   How can you tell it’s time for a rest day – easy, when you REALLY feel like one! It’s your brains way of telling you that your body needs to rest.

FOOD FACT:  Broccoli has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, de-toxifies the body & supports the cardiovascular system.


“Your body hears everything

your mind says…”

Naomi Judd




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