Six rules for raising happy girls


Rule 4:


As the pace of life speeds up, children process our constant distraction and “busyness” as rejection.  If the most common conversations you have is to grill them about schoolwork, they can quickly become hyper-sensitive and defensive.  They become less chatty and more secretive.

In a challenging world where children can be led down paths they are not emotionally ready for, it’s more important than ever to maintain our connection with our children.  Set aside times when it’s just the two of you.  Without pressure, give your child opportunities to say things she might not otherwise have the time to say.

Children need to be allowed to say the things that frighten and concern them – even if they are inconvenient to us as adults. Otherwise their fears get driven underground, where they will only resurface in the form of eating disorders, anxiety or self harm.

Extract: Girls Uninterrupted, by Tanith Carey.

Image courtesy of Getty Images.


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