Is Sydney better than Melbourne?


Its been a good 6 weeks since I last updated my list, but things are going well.

Most of the comments I have added today are very circumstantial.  The new items are in red.



After years of travel, it comes down to two, two cities.  In the next 2 years we will decide, which home will be our home for good.  Sydney or Melbourne.

So, I am creating a list, to remind me of the good days and the bad and for a bit of fun.

Maybe you will have something to add.


Is Sydney better than Melbourne?




  1. The harbour is stunning
  2. The people are soooooo friendly
  3. We can pop down to the beach afterschool, or anytime really that we need some fresh air or an eyeful of beauty.
  4. Schools have carlines – yippee.
  5. The evenings are balmy, I feel like I’m on holiday
  6. I feel so relaxed (too relaxed maybe… or perhaps that’s just because the first time in 11 years I am not thinking about having another baby, or have a baby in the house).
  7. We got a lot more visitors, including seeing alot more of our family




  1. There is so much traffic
  2. There are far too many huuuge spiders and cockroaches for my liking
  3. My hair is sooo freaking FRIZZY all.the.time!
  4. Zachs class sizes are too big
  5. Moths in my pantry
  6. Did I mention cockroaches and spiders?
  7. We miss our friends and family (the ones we now see less often)


Thoughts so far?

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