Did you like our Raising Happy Girls series? Then you might like this…



If you liked our recent series on Raising Happy Girls by Tanith Carey – then you are sure to enjoy her new book “Girls Uninterrupted”.

For further information see  www.tanithcarey.com.





A recap of rule 6 is below, but you can find rules 1-5 here; Raising Happy Girls 

Rule 6:


It’s not a question of “if” our children see porn, it’s a question of when.  It’s not uptight or moralistic to say that porn is wrecking childhoods.  In the latest studies, its young people themselves who testify to that.

Even in the last few years, there has been a noticeable step up in the amount of violence and degradation against women in this material. No one who has seen women being used and abused, or called sluts and bitches, can claim females are empowered by this.

Porn is now the most widespread form of sex education. So get in there first before the porn industry does. Tell your daughter that this is fiction.  Porn is not sex in the way that a thriller or action movie is not what happens in real life.

Extract: Girls Uninterrupted, by Tanith Carey.



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