Le Noir – The dark side of Cirque


My niece was in town, so I thought I would see what shows were on, and I was intrigued by Le Noir.  I have seen quite a number of cirque shows in the US, Asia and in Australia.  I think the performers are amazingly talented, incredibly fit and brave, and they are always great productions.  But I have to admit, when you have seen a few, you need something new to keep your attention.


download (2) - Copy


Le Noir – “The Dark Side of Cirque” – that was enough to get my attention.


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It was a very intimate setting which was great, and along with the usual great performances you come to expect from Cirque, there were a few new ones I hadn’t seen as well.


images (2) - Copy


There was a good mix of humor and audience participation in addition to the stunts.




The grand finale, with the boys performing stunts on the double wheel, much like mice in a cage – drew screams from the audience repeatedly.


lenoir3 (1)


They did a fantastic show, which I enjoyed far more than I expected. If you get the chance – I would highly recommend getting along to see it. These guys are incredibly talented.

A show with WOW factor… (and that’s just the performers in their undies.. ha ha).

Le Noir will be at The Lyric Theatre, The Star –  Sydney until Easter Sunday.


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