Flying by the seat of my pants


There is no other way to explain how I am feeling at the moment.  I thought things were hectic with the lead up to Christmas and moving – but the thing is, I knew my way around. I knew where to get groceries, or birthday presents for kids parties, and everything was within easy reach.  The kids routines ran like clockwork, and we all knew what was what.

This term has been a whole new ball game.

I dedicated all of term one to settling everyone in, getting the house set up and learning how to get around a new city.   Despite having moved many times. I totally underestimated the enormity of this move.

Organised Chaos – it is nowhere near Organised I can tell you right now.

Having 3 kids to settle into new schools/daycare (all different), 3 new sets of parents at each school to meet. 3 new school systems to learn – teachers to touch base with, sports and assemblies to attend. Sick kids/xrays and a toddler at home almost everyday.  This is a challenge at the best of times – but add to that, NEW CITY, and I’m still learning where everything is. Nothing is quick and easy.  I can’t even get the supermarket shopping sorted.  I can’t get my routine going. We are all over the place.  Everybody wants a piece of me, and right now!

The thing is – this is just the beginning.  It is all about to get busier – and I am already exhausted. TOTALLY exhausted.

Thankfully though, everyone is happy.  That is a great start.

Meanwhile, I am still trying to keep up with Organised Chaos, because this is my outlet from it all, However you might find things a little less frequent the next couple of weeks whilst I try my best to pull it altogether.

It will get easier with time, and I am not stressed.  I am just not organised, which I find totally hilarious.

It’s at times like these I am thankful to be a LIST person.  I take a deep breath, and rewrite my list and slowly just work my way though it  (now if I can just remember where I keep my list in this new house…)




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