Kids Style File – Shoes for kids


By Stylist – Nat Baker.


I believe that if the shoes are sorted, then the other aspects of fashion for little people will fall into place. I’m speaking from experience, because SHOES are often what causes major drama at our house.


Both my kids have issues when it comes to shoes….




1. My son likes to to walk around bare foot or wear Havi’s/thongs/flip-flops everywhere!


Shoe Solution – Comfy sports shoes & no-fuss styles


2. My daughter always has a problem with shoes not feeling comfortable.


Shoe Solution – Quality leathers, softer fabric styles & socks



So what are the important points for KIDS SHOES?

* Kids shoes need to be easy, comfy, cool and ‘normal‘.


(Kids Translation for ‘normal’ = worn by other kids that they are friends with). Have you noticed how much easier it is to get your children to wear things if their friends are wearing them??? Have you also noticed how much easier it is to get your children to wear things that have zippers, velcro or elastic sides???


* Focus on CASUAL shoes for kids. It’s not very often that kids get a chance to get dressed up.


* QUALITY vs QUANTITY – Besides having a pair of school shoes, most kids are happy with 1-2 pairs of shoes. That is really enough & most parents I work with are happy to spend money on 1 pair of quality shoes that tiny feet can grow in comfortably/safely. Always have your children’s feet measured regularly to ensure there is enough room for their feet to grow.


* GIRLS vs BOYS – Gender will usually determine what styles your child is drawn to and what is practical. Some general ideas to help parents are shown below. But the most important thing is to know what works for your child.


Shoes that are Girly, Pretty, Floral, Glittery, Bright, Shiny, Spotted, Textural, Comfy, Fashionable


Try a Floral Dress teamed with a pair of Suede Ankle Boots
Try a Tee, Leggings & a Fairy Skirt teamed with Gumboots




Shoes that are Sporty, ‘Like Dad’, Orange, Blue, Rough, Cool, Sneakers, Thongs/flip flops, Fun, No-fuss 


Try Chino Pants teamed with a pair of Converse Sneakers/HiTops
Try Shorts & a Button-up Shirt teamed with Loafer Style slip ons




Watch your kids have fun with shoes in these great stores – 
Platypus Sneakers, Betts Kids, Shoes & Sox, Big W, Cotton on Kids, Rebel Sports, Target and Pumpkin Patch.


Who is Nat Baker?  


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