Little Miss Scouts Book Review – “Season of Salt & Honey”


Season of Salt & Honey, by Hannah Tunnicliffe

We all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (yet we all do), but the jacket cover of Season of Salt & Honey is a perfect match with the story…it’s fabulous.

Initially I put off reading Season of Salt & Honey because I had a feeling after reading the blurb that I was not going to be able to put it down, that I was going to enjoy it too much (as well as have a bit of a cry)…so I needed to be in the right frame of mind, with plenty of time to absorb the story, feel the feelings, and just go with it…needless to say all three of those things happened.

The main character is Frankie who is about to marry Alex, the man she loves and who she has been with since college. When Alex is killed in a tragic accident Frankie is thrown completely off­course.

She runs away from her overbearing Italian­American family to an abandoned cabin in a forest, where she intends to grieve in peace. She then ends up meeting her forest neighbours and goes on a journey of self discovery.

Here, Frankie learns to nurture herself and allow others to nurture her. She faces up to the fact that perhaps her life wasn’t as perfect as she had thought and hoped.

Season of Salt and Honey is so beautifully written that it could easily be gobbled up in one sitting…or savoured slowly over a few days. It leaves you feeling deliciously warm and wanting more…a bit like salted caramel, or a spoonful of honey.

The characters felt so real that I really did feel like I was alongside Frankie on her journey of love and loss, making friends with her, her family, and her newfound forest friends.

When I came to the end of the book, I jotted a little list of my feelings for my book review, they are as follows:

  • ­ I want to meet Jack (wink)
  • ­ I want to make all of the delicious recipes that are dotted throughout the book that connect everyone
  • ­ I want to have a neighbour and friend like Merriem, and to be taken under her wing
  • ­ I would love to run away to a cabin in the forest for a bit of solitude
  • ­ I totally want a sequel


Now, off to buy Hannah’s other book The Colour of Tea (for myself) and a copy of Season of Salt & Honey for my mother for Mother’s Day…as I am not lending mine to anyone.

 Season of Salt & Honey


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