Habitat Hairdressing: How to keep a shiny blow dry


By Laura Kerr

1. Hot tools dry out the hair and leave it looking dull, lifeless and prone to frizz. “Skip a day or more between blow-drying and leave your hair to dry naturally whenever you can. This will allow the natural oils to work their way throughout the hair, creating more shine.

2. If you are blow-drying your hair, go over each section several times to make sure you remove all the water,  any moisture left in the shaft can cause the hair to frizz later in the day,.

3. When blow-drying, keep the brush rotating through your fingers so the cuticle gets a buffing, then repeat with a blast of cool air to hold the shape and create shine, try a Radial Brush.

4. Prepping hair with a thermal protectant, like Wella Trilliance, before picking up a hot styling tool is mandatory. These products provide heat protection to prevent split ends and breakage, and some even impart a soft hold to easily create long-lasting styles, and reduce colour fading.

5. Keep an eye on temperature, maintain your hot styling tools below the top setting, which can be damaging to hair. Look for tools with adjustable settings.

6. Dry shampoo is an essential in most women’s kits, but it doesn’t do much for shine. It was designed to be brushed out, taking with it any excess oil. To get the benefits of dry shampoo without the dullness leave the residual product at your roots and apply a gloss finishing product to the more visible mid-lengths and ends.


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Habitat Hairdressing can be found at:

136 Commercial Road, Prahan

phone 03 8525 0808  email habitathairdressing@hotmail.com



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