and we are back!


When I was living in Melbourne, one of the things I really missed about living in Asia were the storms.  The pounding rain, the thunder and lightning, and those mid-sized typhoons that would shut down everything, and give us a sneaky day tucked up at home.

Yay I thought when we moved to Sydney, we get to see storms again…

Its true what ‘they’ say – be careful what you wish for!




OMG, how windy and crazy has this Sydney weather been. The rain has been unrelentless.  I lost an umbrella yesterday before I had even closed the boot of the car.  A tree fell down in front of our garage and a gate was torn off and up the street.  Outdoor furniture flying around the backyard and plants in pots upturned, not to mention internet issues!

The storm along with school holidays and a couple of other things I will tell you about later, has meant that Organised Chaos has been MIA – but the good news is WE ARE BACK, and hopefully better than ever.





2 Responses to “and we are back!”

  1. myakahawkins

    Hi Crosstitchery – it is a crazy photo.. Its one I shared from a NSW newspaper… Although winds were strong, Im still in 2 minds if it is a ‘staged’ pic!



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