5 with … The girls at Honeywrap



Who is Honeywrap? 

We are Tara, Jo and Amy, three friends, mums and Occupational Therapists who started Honeywrap – the sweet little alternative to plastic wrap.  (We all now live in Auckland after many years abroad having fun and avoiding the reality of growing up; much recommended! )



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How was Honeywrap born?

A school project and a midlife crisis prompted the beginnings of Honeywrap. I was ready for a career change and called a meeting with Jo and Amy to go through business ideas. The idea we all were immediately drawn to was a school project using beeswax covered fabric as an alternative to plastic foodwrap.

We have always tried to do our bit for the environment so it was exciting to find something that was easy to use, reduced waste, was functional and we all believed could make a difference. When we couldn’t find anywhere in NZ to buy them, we decided to make them ourselves. After months researching, testing, failing and many laughs, Honeywrap was born.

We love that they really do keep your food fresh and look cool. Honeywrap has started us all on a greener journey where we are all more mindful of what we do. We finally remember to take the reusable bags every time, think twice about automatically jumping in the car and generally buy less unnecessary ‘stuff!’ Still lots more we could do though.



Tell us something people don’t know about you… (we struggled with this!)


I can’t smell, so trust Amy and Tara that Honeywraps smell good….Joanna

I used to have a part-time job as a contortionist…Amy

I played rugby for nearly ten years… Tara





What’s next for Honeywrap?

Honeywrap has been such a massive learning curve for all of us.  We hope to use this to increase awareness of the impact plastic has on the environment and also to highlight the danger bees are in.

And finally we are all Occupational Therapists by trade – we hope in the future that we will be able to combine our passions and provide work and social opportunities for people with brain injuries. Watch this space.



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Best organising tip?

We have two…

Organised chaos does sum up our workspace. I think my best tip for organising is deal with a piece of paper once I am a notorious paper shuffler though improving with this new mantra


don’t buy stuff  you don’t need!



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