Style it – Jackets, Coats and Wraps


By stylist –  Nat Baker


Jackets, Coats, Wraps….

The cold weather just makes us want to RUG UP!! During the Autumn/Winter months, our outer layers are what everyone sees & these layers can somewhat define our style. There are times when we don’t even get to take our coats/jackets off. So choose styles that feel great for you.


Below are 4 of my favourite jacket/coat styles this season, with some general ideas on what will suit your shape.


unnamed (2)


Trench Coats


(Suits hourglass, triangle/pear shapes, rectangle shapes)


The Trench is such a perfect, classic staple item and is generally made from a light weight fabric/light wool fabric that can easily be layered. Belts on trench coats are perfect for cinching in the waistline to define hourglass shapes. Try to tie the belt behind and keep the front open if you would like to reveal your outfit.


NB – The soft, slouchy trench (without a belt) is perfect with jeans for a casual/relaxed look and will be a perfect option for apple shapes.


unnamed (1)


The Wrap


(Suits apple, rectangle shapes, triangle/pear…or hourglass when cinched in with a belt)


Wraps look so big and confusing sometimes, however they can be so glamorous and warm when styled the right way. I get asked by so many people…”how do I wear that?” Try wearing them with a tee, slim/skinny jeans and boots for a casual look or belt them up over your favourite knee-length pencil skirt/dress (see photo).


NB – Remember…the smaller the person, the smaller the wrap.
Taller girls can wear the longer wraps beautifully. Smaller girls should keep them around hip length.




The Leather Biker/Bomber Jacket


(Suits hourglass, rectangle, triangle/pear)


The waist/hip-length jacket is so edgy and fabulous for those wanting to define their waistlines. Layer over tees and jeans or pop this jacket over your favourite Maxi-dress/shift dress to move through the seasons.


NB – Hourglass shapes will suit tailored, symmetrical styles with straight zippers whilst rectangle and pear shapes will suit biker styles with asymmetrical details/diagonal zippers.


Relaxed Parkas/Anoraks


(Suits all body shapes)


These sporty jackets usually with a drawstring waist, have been part of the Sports Luxe trend which has been influenced by our healthier lifestyles. Team with slim line tees, tapered trackpants or tank dresses. Add a pair of cool runners to finish this sporty look. These jackets are perfect for busy mums!!! Plus they usually have roll-up sleeves AND pockets;) BONUS!!!




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