5 with … Kristy Weller


Tell us about you? 

My name is Kristy Weller, I’m the founder and Managing Director of Hive Consulting, a PR and Marketing company with offices in Singapore and Myanmar. I currently reside in Singapore but also spend a lot of time in Australia, Myanmar and Thailand as our business grows in Asia Pacific. We are a small business but I’m really proud of the work we do for our clients and we have a lot of fun.


How did you end up in Singapore with Hive Consulting?

I grew up in Brisbane and studied business communications at university. After working in a Brisbane PR agency for three or four years I found myself getting a bit restless, and never having left Australia I thought maybe working on an overseas contract would be a good experience. An opportunity to work in Jakarta came up through a former boss and I decided to go for it. Within a month or so I had a passport, packed a bag and moved to Jakarta. By the time that contract ended I didn’t want to leave Asia without seeing more of it.

I moved to Singapore to work for a couple of years as a consultant, then to Bangkok for a more corporate job. I loved living in Bangkok but found that the corporate world wasn’t really for me and I wanted to go back to consulting. I decided to head back to Singapore to start my own business. I worked alone at first and then gradually built the team to where it is today, with six people in Singapore and our new team in Myanmar.


Do you have an interesting tidbit you would like to share?

I’ve found that since starting my own business I have never ending business ideas, some better than others! For two years I ran an online shop called Peachy, designing leather sandals that were made in Sicily and importing them to Singapore, and finding emerging jewellery designers to buy collections from. It was really fun to get involved in the design process and work with up-and-coming designers. I now run a pop-up taco restaurant called Taco Club with a business partner in Singapore. I like to have a few projects on the go at once, that’s a hobby for me. I’m pretty much always thinking of what I might want to try next.






What’s next for you and Hive?

I’m currently travelling quite a lot for Hive, spending time in Myanmar to grow our business there and also in Australia and Thailand. I’m enjoying building our team and working with really talented people. I love that I have the freedom to develop the business on my own terms and create something that’s good for me and everyone that is part of my team as well as for our clients. I’m sure some other crazy business idea will start up soon too!


unnamed (3)


Favourite Holiday?

My favourite holiday destination is Koh Lipe. I love that when I go there it’s quiet and calm, there’s no roads or cars and the beach is beautiful. I stay in a pretty basic bungalow type of resort so it’s an inexpensive holiday but for me it’s perfect, just a chance to stop thinking and recharge and be right beside the beach.

I also love that I’m spending more time at home in Australia with my family and at my little house on the Sunshine Coast. I love going for hikes and swims in the area, it’s my favourite place in the world. I’m currently renovating my house there, one project at a time, so I spend a lot of time researching interior design ideas.


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 kristy@hiveconsulting.com or visit



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