Body by Bex – It’s a family thing

Nowdays exercise and healthy life styles are more ‘popular’ and trendier than ever! Ironic really that wanting to stay healthy and fit is a TREND!

From the age of 13 months my eldest son Ziggy  has always attended my local bootcamp and thinks exercise is just a ‘normal’ part of life! He will often ask me to set him up a bootcamp in the garden, randomly jump on the rug in the lounge and start doing press ups or burpees!

My husband hasn’t ever attended any sort of exercise or anything with me…. Ever!!!! He’s a builder and has a very strenuous job, but still it’s very different to using all your muscle groups in a bootcamp style training!

Recently he has been wanting to loose a few KGs, so before I went overseas for a few weeks with the kids I talked him into a little ‘boxing’ session in the privacy of our garden!



Boxing burns more calories per minute than running and its a great way to get out any built up frustrations. So who better to partner with than your spouse!

I certainly put him through his paces and he was knackered after it. But we made it fun and of course Ziggy wanted to join in too.

Exercise doesn’t always have to be serious or competitive, often I love it for being the opposite, fun, with like minded people and love nothing more than encouraging others on.

So get your boxing gloves on and give the below Tabata Boxing set a go!!


unnamed (6)



FITNESS FACT:   Boxing burns more calories than running..

FOOD FACT:  eating more asparagus helps keep your gut healthy.



said no-one ever”




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