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By Amy Mehrten, CREVI + CO


Rugs are often a tricky one. What size? What texture? What colour? What shape? You can do some serious spending on them if you choose to, sometimes the main art work in a room and the power they have to create zones and comfort is huge.


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Image Armadillo and Co


Often people say how do I know what size is best? My answer is always the same, the bigger the better. The bigger the rug, the larger the space feels. Standard sizes are often rectangle and 160×230 or 200×300.


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Image Freedom Autumn/Winter range


A few questions you need to ask yourself is, will there be much traffic on the rug? if so, look for something more durable. A dense, high quality, low pile wool option is great for these areas.  They can instantly create modern luxury.  Do you want it to be seen as more a piece of art? a wow factor perhaps? Vintage overdyed patchwork rugs work well in this instance. The colours are phenomenal, and you can pick up some very affordable ones on Etsy, eBay and Ikea. For higher end look to places such as Loom rugs. Regardless of the quality, the look creates an eclectic feel and loads of personality to a space. Turquoise is my pick for these type of rugs, alternatively brands such as The Rug Collection have some fantastic feature rugs. If it is for a living area or bedroom and you’re big on it being equally about comfort as it is looks, ensure you take off your shoes and feel the texture against bare skin.



Image Armadillo and Co


Round works best in dining spaces, bathrooms or small bedrooms, especially kids rooms and the same rule applies, go the biggest you can. I totally adore Armadillo and Co’s Perennial Collection for round ones. Overall Armadillo and Co caters for a varied range of rugs. Rugs on carpet is always a personal choice, some say yay others a big nay. Personally I think that it can work well, but stick to a dhurrie, a thinner like rug, Fenton and Fenton have great ones for the higher end or Sasson Home and Ikea for cheaper, but equally as great alternatives. Freedom is nailing rugs this season, versatile and somewhat neutral but still on trend and contemporary, an attractive price tag also.

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Image via Pinterst


Cow hides are another option, they can take some getting use to but they create modern luxury instantly. They are easy to move around and can look great layered. The traditional print ones are classic, can work with plenty of styles… ultra modern, industrial, boho, vintage, etc. Whilst the hides with silver and gold specks are much softer and feminine often looking beautiful in retreats, wardrobes, and even nurseries.


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Image Pinterest


Rugs can be stunning pieces of work and the craftsmanship in most of them is lengthy and intricate, however when purchasing bear in mind – naturally something on the floor may not have the lifetime something like art or lighting will have.

If you take away anything from this post it is when rug shopping – “big, big big!”



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