Where there is a WILL there is a WAY


Do you ever have a few days where everything happens at once, and you actually wonder if it’s physically even possible for you to get through it?

This happened to me last week.. and a series of events beyond my control left me wondering how I was going to manage the next 3 days.

Ella was celebrating her 11th birthday with a sleepover party, and I had not brought one single gift or organised any of the party beyond people arriving at 1pm and being picked up at 11am the following day.


ella birthday


On top of this, we made a last minute decision for Zach to change schools, and we had an interview at the new school on the Monday morning.  3 hours before the party started (all I’m thinking is I have a house to clean, food to prepare, decorating to do, flowers and balloons to pick up..not to mention the fact we did in fact decide to switch schools, so I also had to get Zach organised with a uniform in the 3 hour period).

The cyclone that hit on the Monday whilst I was trying to do everything was no deterrent… a tree might have fallen in front of the garage on Ella’s birthday morning, Zachs first day of his new school.. but that didn’t stop us.

The thing is, I wasn’t even freaking out.  I think I have finally learnt, if it doesn’t get done, it doesn’t get done.   I worked my butt off to make sure it did.. but I had my list of compromises which were at the trail end of my ‘to do’ list.

I was caught in the middle, determined that Ella’s birthday would not be overshadowed by Zach changing schools, and that the upheaval that another big change in Zachs life would not be overshadowed by Ella’s birthday.

first day mosman prep



Isn’t it amazing what you do for your children?

All I can say is, “where there is a will there is a way”.  I am not quite sure how I made it through those few days, its all a blur to me.  But I did it.




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