Kids Style File – Boys, boys, boys … and their winter clothes


By Stylist – Nat Baker.

As mentioned in my previous posts….I am trying extremely hard to get my 7 year old son to wear normal clothes (ie. anything that doesn’t resemble a soccer outfit and flip flops)… and it’s a struggle. It’s like he knows that I’m a Stylist & so he wants to wear the absolute opposite of ‘nice’ clothes just to push my buttons. Arrrghhh!!!


The following tips have made it easier for me….so hopefully they can help you too!

1. Online shopping for boys. 
This is my number one favourite option for boys. It’s quick, easy and they can pick it themselves from home. Most boys hate going to the shops, so using online stores such as Cotton On Kids, Seed Kids, Country Road, Target, Big W etc make it a perfect option.

2. ‘Use’ their Interests
My son likes soccer, Star Wars, surfing, guitars, comfy warm clothes and dressing like his friends. Choose favourite characters for tees. (Note – remember to ask your son if certain characters such as dinosaurs are babyish now??)

3. Keep it VERY simple! 
Stick to the basic items in wearable colours with fun prints. Go easy on the fussy trims, drawstrings, crushable fabrics & hard/scratchy fabrics. There are loads of jeans being manufactured now in softer/stretchy fabrics so they feel like track-pants to wear.


unnamed (2)


Top row – Country Road, SEED, Country Road
Bottom row – ALL Cotton on Kids


unnamed (1)

Top row – ALL Cotton on Kids
Bottom row – Cotton on Kids, Cotton on Kids, SEED

unnamed (4)


Top row – Target, Cotton on Kids, Cotton on Kids
Bottom row – ALL Target




Top row – Cotton on Kids, SEED, Witchery
Bottom row – Country Road, Cotton on Kids, Country Road



unnamed (3)

Top row – SEED, Cotton on Kids, Cotton on Kids
Bottom row – Cotton on Kids, Target, Target


Who is Nat Baker?  


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