5 with … Emily Mahy (Go Ask Alice)


Tell us about you? 

My name is Emily Mahy.  I am the owner/designer/maker of leather handbag label Go Ask Alice.  I grew up in New Zealand and then in my 20s moved to Melbourne with a plan to stay there for 1 year which turned into 10 years.  I’m now living back in NZ where I design and make my bags using locally sourced materials.



unnamed (3)


How was Go Ask Alice born?

Before Go Ask Alice I was Studio Manager to a few different boutique design studios in Melbourne.  Then my beautiful daughter came along and I decided Studio Managing wasn’t for me anymore.  I have always dabbled in a few creative pursuits and knew that I wanted to create something.  Leather was something I was drawn to so decided to give it a go and did a course in leather bag making.  I loved it!  I started making bags out of old leather jackets and selling them mostly to friends and from there my business took off.



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Do you have a claim to fame?

Hmmm this is a tough one…..claim to fame….I am related to Margaret Mahy (NZ children’s book author), and my dad Keith Mahy was one of the first NZ born studio glass artists.




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What’s next for Go Ask Alice?

I have had a great time growing my business while been able to be at home for my daughter.  Now that she is at school I’m excited about growing my business within New Zealand and also getting into the Australian market.  I am also very excited about my newest range which is my best collection yet and it is also about to expand to include a canvas and leather luggage collection.



unnamed (5)


Favourite Holiday?

One holiday that has stayed with me was our visit to the salt lakes in Bolivia.  The landscape was so surreal, much like a Dali painting.  It was like being in another world and had this amazing quiet, stillness to it.



Fancy a “Go Ask Alice” bag for yourself?  Emily is offering all Organised Chaos readers a 20% discount on all online orders. Just go to www.goaskalice.co.nz  and use discount code CHAOSTREAT










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