Organise it – Keeping on top of Kiddie Clutter


By guest contributor and Organising guru – Sharne Kuper


When you have children there can be an infinite amount of stuff that comes into our lives. No matter how big the home we only have a finite capacity to store and keep these things. Every new stage of our child’s life demands new toys, clothing and equipment. If you don’t keep on top of it you can find yourself drowning in kiddie clutter.


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Here are some simple steps that can help you keep on top of things: –

  1. A place for everything and everything in its place. Designate homes for your child’s belongings. They must be easy to see and access. Label the drawers and baskets with pictures or words. You can then encourage them to become an active part of putting toys away.
  1. Keep a donation box or bag on the go. When something doesn’t fit any longer pop it in and when it’s full drop it to your preferred charity.
  1. If there are clothes that one child has outgrown and they are yet to be passed to another sibling create a box or bag with the size clearly marked. That way you can see what your child has and what fits and you are not crowding the closet with items that can no longer be worn.
  1. Create a spot in your home for things to be returned to friends/family. If they are altogether you are more likely to remember to see that it gets back to the rightful owner.
  1. Use special occasions like birthdays and Christmas to de-clutter toys that may have been outgrown.
  1. To minimise new toys etc coming into the home from birthdays and Christmas, you could suggest to those close to you to give experiences rather than material things. Passes to the movies or tickets to the zoo are some great gifts for children.
  1. Be the curator of your child’s artwork and craft. It is unreasonable to keep everything. If it is hard to let go perhaps take a photo of the masterpiece before saying goodbye or keep a section and use it to make a collage at a later date. Alternatively there are some great app’s available to help you collate their collection.
  1. Set limits within your home. If the toy boxes are full or the pencil cases are overflowing and they have enough clothes to see them through the season then don’t buy more!

There are many benefits of a clutter free life: less to clean, less to organise, less stress, more money and more time for the important things in life.




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“Sharne is a Sydney based Professional Organiser. After spending most of her career in fashion she has found her calling in helping people reclaim their space and simplify their lives. “I love doing what I do and seeing what a difference it can make in peoples lives is very rewarding”


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