Feel like you are falling off the wagon?



by Kristina Ambler


Are you over the feeling of falling off the wagon?  Really, what does that mean you fall off the wagon?  You don’t look like a wagon, you look like a work in progress!




And fell off because why, you had a piece of chocolate (or maybe even a whole bar)?  In the bigger scheme of things, REALLY!?!?

It is that way of thinking that keeps us stuck on this diet roller coaster and keeps us further away from the golden ticket to freedom.


These emotions  I am talking about are those ‘not good’ emotions.  Those emotions that  keep us feeling like we are just surviving,  when really we want to be thriving.  The feeling of surviving keeps us clutching to a billion dollar diet industry in the hope that it has the secret or maybe  the magic pill to save us from these whacked out feelings. When really the secret and the answers are  within you. 


Trust me guys you have a whole lot more wisdom on what works for you than any expert out there telling you what works for them.   It is just learning how to tap into yours instead of trying to measure up to someone else’s.


unnamed (3)



Now I am definitely not here to bag out the experts. (The diet industry yes, the experts no).  Although I am definitely an advocate on what works for one is not going to work for the other.  And I am definitely an advocate on YOU working out what is best for you.

When we take their teachings and hold them in a place that inspires us instead of another thing to measure up to it takes us sooooooo much further.







The key is slowing down enough to tune in.




Fact:  Our bodies are designed to seek pleasure and avoid pain.  So if you don’t receive pleasure through food you will be physiologically driven until you do so.  So if you are going to eat the chocolate, be present and eat the chocolate.  It could be the difference between a piece and a block.

We normally crave food by the end of the day because our bodies are lacking the Essential fats, proteins and carbs that it needs.



Fact:  We all know about the brain in our head although we also have a brain in our belly.  The Enteric Nervous System known as the ENS is a separate yet interconnected brain in the digestive tract.  The ENS holds a vast amount of wisdom and information  about your unique nutritional and metabolic needs.

We can access ENS gut wisdom through mind body awareness to determine the foods and their amounts that will best serve you.


So there it is my dear friend.


You do know a lot more than you think you do.


unnamed (2)


The challenge is knowing YOU  know a lot more than you think you do. The rest flows from there.


FINAL TIP:  If you see a wagon, don’t get on it!



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