Things mums of boys MUST DO (Farts and Food)



My next mini series is very practical, tongue in cheek, funny and depressing all wrapped into one! (or make that 10, as there are 10 things you must do).

I found this great run-down by Rita Templeton on a blog called, if you like her style, make sure to check her out.



number one



“By the grace of God, I was born with this toilet-humor-loving trait, so I have had a pretty easy time dealing with this aspect.  Boys think farts are funny: period.  And the way you handle that can determine your stress level.  If you laugh with them, you’ll all benefit.  If you try to get them to stop laughing about it, it will only make things worse.  Just stress that there are appropriate times and places to let one rip (ie not during the silent part of church or whilst eating at a restaurant) and you’ll be good to go.  Even if you personally don’t find farts humorous, you have to learn to tolerate those who do  because there’ll be alot of that going on”



number two



“I was so fooled by this one.  Because when your kids are really little, they eat virtually nothing, and you think “I sure am glad my kids aren’t big eaters” and then they get to this stage where – holy crap – did he just inhale those scrambled eggs?  My tiny, twig-like eight year old will annihilate a man-sized portion of breakfast and complain he is still hungry.  And they always. want. to. snack. My refrigerator opens every five minutes when the kids are home (and in between those 5 min spans, they’re raiding the cabinets). We spend enough at the grocery store every month to make me feel faint at the checkout line, and we still run out. These little eating machines are like a pack of hungry locusts – and when one has something, they ALL want their own.  I can’t wait until they are teenagers!”


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