Body by Bex – BRING IT… movement for kids


So my passion for food & exercise doesn’t just stop at training others. A few years ago my dear friend Wellness & Psychology of eating coach, and owner of  Lighterliving,  Kristina & I, started up a kids school holiday club called ‘Bring it…. Movement for kids’


We decided that during the school holidays we would start a kids club where children could spend a few hours a day not only having fun with exercise &  movement but learning lots of different skills, as simple as breathing & relaxation skills, to having a voice, information on food, helping make good choices and being a part of a team!

The feedback was amazing, kids were loving it, parents were happy and after every ‘Bring it’ Kristina & I couldn’t wait for the next one.


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With the next school holidays fast approaching ‘Bring It’ is going to be bigger & better than ever, we are offering longer hours and a wider age range, so if you are local to the Toowoon Bay area on the Central Coast check out our Facebook page : Bring it movement for kids


(KIDS) FITNESS FACT:  Did you know the human body has 650 muscles

(KIDS) FOOD FACT:  Eating carrots really can help you see in the dark


“Behind every young child who believes in himself

is a parent who believed first”

Matthew L Jacobson




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