5 with … Buffy-Ellen Gill (Be Good Organics)


Tell us about you? 

My name is Buffy-Ellen Gill, and I am the founder of Be Good Organics, a plant-based wholefoods blog, online community and store. I live in Auckland, New Zealand with my partner Tony, two cheeky Burmese cats Zeus and Luna, and our gorgeous 10 week old little girl Mila Belle.





How was Be Good Organics born?

After curing myself of Graves’ autoimmune disease through a healthy plant-based lifestyle, I started Be Good Organics as a way of sharing my knowledge and recipes with others. I’m blown away that the blog now has an international audience of over 70,000 who visit regularly each week.


I previously worked as a research analyst for eight years at Goldman Sachs, but became very ill and so moved to a healthier plant-based lifestyle. I became so passionate about it that I went back to study, and am now completing a degree in Nutrition and Naturopathy. I really love helping other people to incorporate more plant-based organic wholefoods into their lives, so that they can experience the same benefits that I have not only in terms of their health, but also in relation to developing a deeper connection with animals and our planet.






Tell us something fun about you?

I love scary thrilling experiences! I’ve been skydiving twice, bungy jumping, white water rafting, and always beeline for the biggest rollercoasters at theme parks. Although now with Mila I’m guessing most of those activities are going to be out of bounds!


The best thing I’ve ever done by far though, is having our little Mila. The whole pregnancy, birth, and sheer fact of creating another life was and continues to be incredible. She changes so much every day and it’s such an absolute gift to be a part of her growing!






What’s next for Be Good Organics?

Complete my Nutrition and Naturopathy degree and continuing doing further study in relation to the benefits of plant-based nutrition for human health. I love learning and helping others, so know that will always be an important part of my career. Meanwhile I will continue to send out recipes to my Be Good Organics blog subscribers on how to make plant-based whole foods recipes that are both easy and delicious. I’ve also got some other exciting plans for the blog in the next year but they’re under wraps for now – if you’re keen to find out sign up for my newsletters!





Do you have a favourite recipe?

I have a lot of favourite recipes on the blog, but one that I’m particularly enjoying at the moment is this amazing Lemon Apricot & Coconut Fudge Slice here.







Receive $10 off your first order over $75… 

Sign up for my blog at begoodorganics.com to get my free healthy recipes, you can also check out our plant-based store there, where we stock all of my favourite food and skin care goodies. All are healthy, plant-based, cruelty free, refined sugar free, and the vast majority are also naturally gluten free. We deliver around NZ, Australia and internationally. If you sign up you also get a free $10 gift voucher to use on your first order over $75. You can also find me on Facebook, InstagramPinterest and Twitter, @begoodorganics.


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