Body by Bex – What fitness images inspire you?

 Loving the new branding Bex (Myaka)

This weekend I had the chance to catch up with friends and relax to celebrate a 40th Birthday.


Like any fun get together with dear friends it’s always a good chance to talk work, play and any up coming adventures. As I slowly return to work after having Jude and getting ready to push Body By Bex to the next level – it became a topic of mixed opinions when it came to my images on my social media and what was thought of as inspiring or not! Intimidating or not!

FOR ME I am inspired by other bodies! Achievable or not… I truly can appreciate the hard work that goes into having a lean trim and athletic looking body. For others I understand that it can be intimidating, off putting and maybe even uninspiring.

unnamed (2)

I figured out its really horses for courses. What does it for some it doesn’t for others.
My intentions are always to inspire, keep inspiring myself, as well as others, to be encouraging, supportive and be an advocate of having your own back. Being proud of your achievements and owning whatever you are good at and embracing it!

So I want to know what fitness images inspires you?



A hot body?

A fitness image?

A work out video?

A delicious looking meal?

A pair of runners?

Work out clothes?

An affirmation?


It could be anything….

Please leave your comment below!

FITNESS FACT:  the first 15 minutes of your work out your body burns sugar and carbs

FOOD FACT:  Broccoli contains twice the vitaman C of an orange


“Being passionate about something is being true to yourself




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