Kids Style File – Style Dress-ups for girls


By Stylist – Nat Baker.


Some girly INSPO for the little females in your life


I know that little girls love playing dress-ups and to be honest some of us never change. Even as grown ups we still do love a dress-up from time to time. It’s a way to reinvent ourselves and take on a new character. I love to watch my daughter choose her favourite styles when shopping or from the dress-up box at home. And what I even love more, is when she surprises herself with new colours/styles that she really loves.


So encourage your girls to have fun with fashion from early on. Encourage them to use their imagination and creativity with “girl only” style like dresses. All girls LOVE a DRESS! Get your little princesses to have fun with these favourite Dress Styles this season. They might just develop their own style!!




Boho Chic (Dress from Lost Girls @ Myer)
– For the little hippies who love florals/prints
– Fun, comfy and easily layered
– Add Mum’s older/preloved necklaces
– Wear with ankle boots




Edgy Girl (Dress from Chino @ Myer)
– For the mini fashionistas
– Made from thicker, warm fabrics such as neoprene
– Paint nails with a fun & fabulous colour
– Wear with strappy flats or Converse hightops


little lady


Little Lady (Dress from Little Leona @ Myer)
– For the mini ballerinas or beauties who love prettiness
– Shift dress style made with silks and taffetas
– Add princess crowns or tiaras (or mum’s specs!)
– Wear with ballet flats or court shoes




Sparkly (Dress from Jack & Milly @ Myer)
– For the disco queens that love to sing and put on a show
– Wear with wedges or sparkly shoes
– Add a fabulous coat or mini faux fur
– Glitter or crazy colour in the hair




Sporty Spice (Dress from Wayne by Wayne Cooper)
– Great for tom-boys & active girls who don’t really like all the frills/bows
– Choose tops/skirts to create this sporty girl look
– Slick back hair into a pony
– Wear with Hi-Tops or loafers


Who is Nat Baker?  

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