5 with … Paul & Wendy Nannestad (Nannestad & Sons)


Tell us about you? 

We are Paul and Wendy Nannestad, husband and wife and designers/makers/owners of Nannestad & Sons. We are passionate about creating handmade furniture and nice things using both modern and traditional materials and techniques. Our style is an eclectic mix of Dutch/Norwegian craft & design. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand.


How was Nannestad & Sons born?

Paul is a cabinet maker and I am a product designer. We both grew up with a love of crafts and making things from an early age. I have spent most of my career working as an industrial designer within design consultancies and manufacturers and Paul a cabinetmaker for both marine & commercial interiors. We always dreamed of having our own business that combined our skills and experience and enabled us to spend more time with our sons. So you could say, this combined with the fact that we actually love working together – we are very much, a match made in heaven!



unnamed (2)



Tell us something people don’t know about you?

Wendy – I used to ride a motorbike to design school in the wet/windy Wellington weather until I wrote it off in a minor accident.

Paul – Ran 2 marathons before the age of 20.

As you can see we are total opposites but that just helps keep the balance and allows us work so well together.


feature image


What’s next for Nannestad & Sons?

We are currently working on building a little space (out of containers) behind our house that we can run the business from; workshop, design studio and an area for the various craft workshops we run. We are super excited about the challenges it will bring and having another DIY project on our hands. (We have been having slight DIY withdrawals after completing our 1920’s bungalow last year).

We are also working on new concepts to add to our furniture and homewares range that combine materials, textures and traditional craft methods in new ways. A bit of an exploration into more creative and artistic ways of approaching objects as well as remaining functional.


Do you have a favourite recipe to share?

Super quick Beer bread pizza

My favourite for a quick Friday night pizza – without having to wait for the dough to rise! The base is a little sweet so the kids love it!


unnamed (1)


1 bottle of beer (room temp)

3C flour

3 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp sugar



(fresh herbs if you wish)


Mix and add more flour if you need

Spread out on large baking tray – pushing out to fill the sides


Tomato relish as base sauce (or tomato sauce if that’s all you’ve got in the fridge)

We do half/half – kids/adults

Kids – ham / grated cheddar& mozzarella cheese

Adults – chopped red onion/ham/olives/mushrooms/fresh thyme/ grated cheddar & mozzarella cheese


Bake at 180 degrees for 20 – 30 minutes.










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