Organise it – Wardrobe Organisation


By Sharne Kuper of My Organised Home

Do you know of the old 80/20 rule? You can in fact apply it to a lot of things in our lives and when it comes to our wardrobes it is more relevant than ever. Basically it means we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time! So in our wardrobes there are a lot of things hidden away that are taking up space and causing us clutter and confusion when we get dressed.

A de-cluttered and organised wardrobe means you will maximise what you have and even on hectic mornings be able to put together polished and carefully considered outfits. Over the next couple of weeks I will guide you through getting your wardrobe in shape.

As I do with all my clients we first start with the de-cluttering process. In my next post we will move on to organising what we are keeping.




Lets start to de-clutter. You need to make 4 piles, you can use boxes or garbage bags, whatever you find easiest:

1. Donate

2. Toss

3. Needs repair

4. Belongs in another room


Now move through each item in your wardrobe one by one and ask yourself the following questions (remember to be honest with yourself!)


Does it fit me?

Do not keep a wardrobe of “one day” clothes; you need to live in the moment just a couple of inspirational garments should be enough.


Do I feel good in it?

We tend to wear most what we are comfortable in and receive compliments on. Recognise this and build your wardrobe around these sorts of outfits.


How long since I last wore it?

If it has been more than a year it is probably unlikely it is going to all of a sudden become a new favourite and get a lot of wear.


Am I just keeping it because it cost a lot of money?

Just because it cost a lot of money does not mean you are going to wear it, perhaps you could recoup some of your dollars and try to sell it on eBay.


Am I holding on for sentimental reasons and have no intention of wearing it again?

Remember the memory lies within you and not the piece of clothing. Perhaps you already have a photo of you wearing the outfit and this can be your memory or take a photo now and then part with it. Sometimes if you know it is going to a good cause then it is easier to part with. There is a great charity called Angel Gowns  ( where you can donate your wedding dress and they make them into special outfits for still-born and other babies who do not survive into childhood.


At the end of the de-cluttering process we want your wardrobe with clothes that you love, that fit you, you feel good in and you wear!


unnamed (1)


I bet that feels better! Now make sure you attend to those piles and give only clothes that are in good condition to charity, toss out those that have seen better days and make sure if you think it is worth mending that you go and find somebody to fix it.

Now stay tuned and in my next post I will let you know how best to organise and care for those clothes that you are keeping.

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“Sharne is a Sydney based Professional Organiser. After spending most of her career in fashion she has found her calling in helping people reclaim their space and simplify their lives. “I love doing what I do and seeing what a difference it can make in peoples lives is very rewarding”


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