Body by Bex – What’s all this RUCKING about?



What’s all this Rucking about!!?!?



Rucking, backpack with weights in or weight vests! Whatever you like to call it, or use, it works….. And hurts!! (In a good way!)

A few years ago I was first introduced to a weight vest. My personal trainer at the time wanted to push me to that next level! My fitness was at its peak and I was always pushing myself to the very max (not much has changed) and it was during this time I fell in love with my 10 kilo weight vest!

unnamed (1)

I would generally wear it whilst doing supersets of leg exercises, or to really ramp up my cardio, and push ups were a killer in it! My harshest yet most satisfying work out with it on would be sets of stairs…..And lots of them, time and time again!

They are definitely not designed for the faint hearted but I would recommend anyone with an average level of fitness to give one ago!!  Even if it’s a walk with one on.

After reading all the current write ups in the news about ‘RUCKING’ lately and having neglected mine for a while I decided to dust it off do a full week of training with it on, whatever class I was doing….. Boxing, strength, walks, runs, whatever I did it came with me!!

That’s its…. I’m hooked again!!!

unnamed (2)
unnamed (3)

So if you get the chance to try one out or have a trainer with one, give it a go!! If not fill up your old backpack with weights! Studies show you will burn up to three times the amount of calories by just wearing one!!

FITNESS FACT: Rucking is said to be the #1 fitness trend for 2015

FOOD FACT: Honey is the only food that will never rot


“Don’t just be good to others..

Be good to yourself too”




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2 Responses to “Body by Bex – What’s all this RUCKING about?”

  1. Christian Griffith

    Great forward thinking. As a marketing professional at GORUCK (http//, we see the rucking revolution is in full-effect and I applaud you for being on the cutting edge of it. Keep up the good work. You should consider doing one of our events when we come to an area near you. I think you’d enjoy it.


    • Bex

      Hi Christian

      Thank you for your comment. I love your GORUCK concept! As a personal trainer I think ‘team work’ and support is key. I would love to attend one of your events but I’m based in Australia so if and when you do an event here I will keep an eye out! I am however in the USA in February/March next year. Do you post GORUCK products overseas? Would love to try one out!

      Thanks again for your comment.
      Warm regards



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