My dad eloped!


Every time I mention that my Dad eloped recently, it creates a bit of a stir.  I can imagine people have an image of an old man with a walking stick and a young bride taking off somewhere exotic – much to the dismay of the rest of the family.

A great story, but far from the truth.  Dad is still young and without the walking stick.  Jenny, his bride has been with dad for over 20 years, so less on the young side (sorry Jenny)!

We were all so thrilled they finally got married “about time” was the theme of most comments.

The bride and groom live in Queensland, and my brother just out of Sydney – so last weekend, they all came to stay, and my brother and  I (well Bex and I) planned a surprise celebration.


As a wedding gift, we wanted them to have an experience, rather than just a gift.  We don’t often get to do things together as adults (and without the kids), so we wanted it to be memorable.


wedding 2


We hired a hummer for an hour, to take us out to dinner (complete with the regulatory wedding photo stops).


wedding 6


Prior to leaving, we had THE WEDDING CAKE (@quincy.lane)  and champagne…




Then we had photos with the Groomsmen, and Bridesmaids (and the champagne) – complete with tacky veil, silly tie and waistcoast.. and plastic flowers!




The kids loved getting in on the confetti.


wedding 4


All this was topped off with an amazing dinner at BLACK by EZARD.


wedding 3


A most memorable wedding celebration, where we didn’t stop laughing, and now have some our own hilarious photos to remember “that time that dad eloped!”




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