The inaugural ORGANISED CHAOS team drinks


Nine months ago, I launched a little blog called Organised Chaos. OC was (and still is) my outlet. My chance to use my brain in this mummy world.   We started with a small team of about 3, and 3 posts per week.

I thought I would ‘see how it goes’ for 6 months, which turned into ‘a years trial’.   I think it’s fair to say, we are now here for the long term. With a team of 14 contributors (and growing quite literally – daily) in exotic (ahem) locations such as Melbourne, Sydney and NZ, and 5-10 posts per week.

The stars aligned a week ago, and we had our very first Organised Chaos team drinks in Sydney.  (Next stop Melbourne).  It was such a great night.  We all came away feeling so inspired and part of a this community.


unnamed (1)


Blogging can be a very insular and lonely sport – but these girls are so full of passion, its was amazing to take a look around the table and feel the excitement building.

After some lengthy discussion, it was apparent, that almost all of us have problems feeding our kids at dinner time, and that we are also relaxed enough to know that some days (or even most days), you just do what you have to do to get through.  Therefore we decided it was time to beef up our food segment – with a theme of REAL MUMS, REAL FOOD. Of course there will still be the healthy, and the naughty, and the inspired food, but watch out for the less glamorous, REAL FOOD as well.

I also confirmed to the team that in 2016 we will be launching the CHAOS ONLINE SHOP – where instead of googling all the great items that are suggested by our contributors, you will be able to purchase many of them directly from OC.




Keep an eye out for the CONTRIBUTOR UPDATE later next week, with an overview of each contributor and what they do, and how you can follow their social media.

A massive thank you to all of our contributors for all of your support, and for being part of this great team.  I love it!  I can’t wait to continue this journey with you all.


Myaka x



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