Organise it – Now to organise your closest


By Sharne Kuper of My Organised Home

Part 2 of Wardrobe Organistation 


Continuing on from my last post on wardrobe de-cluttering the next step is to organise what remains. If you have followed my steps you should be left with a wardrobe of clothes that you love, wear and look good in! Congratulations! You have done the hard yards and what lies ahead are simple steps that will mean you get the most out of your wardrobe.

Before moving forward you need to consider how you operate when getting dressed each morning.

Does it suit you to have clothes by category i.e. work, casual, special occasion or is it better to have all pants, all dresses (regardless of occasion) stored together?

Once this decision has been made you can then plan how to store them in your closet.


HANGING – ideally we should hang dresses, skirts, shirts, dress pants, jackets, coats and only lightweight knits. Do you have enough space to hang all these items? If not you could look at installing another rod or purchase a drop rod that will give you more hanging space. Use the appropriate hanger for each garment.


I love the flocked hangers, which are gentle on your clothes, have a low profile and stop those straps from sliding off.



FOLDING – what you fold will be determined by what shelf space you have but generally jeans, t-shirt’s, knitwear and sportswear can be folded and stored in drawers or on shelves. If you are fortunate to have a lot of shelving you can use shelf dividers to help you keep your piles in order.

If you don’t have much shelf space, yet have a lot of hanging space you could purchase a sweater-hanging shelf, which can hang, off your clothing rod. 


unnamed (1)


DRAWERS – keep smaller items like lingerie, underwear, sleepwear and accessories in drawers. If you have large drawers then you can also use drawer dividers to ensure items stay contained and organised.

If you keep t-shirt’s and sleepwear in drawers then you can roll them, this lets you see everything at a glance.


unnamed (2)


In all cases whatever is most frequently used should be easiest to see and access. For off-season clothes ensure when you put them away that they are clean and protected from pests such as silverfish by using appropriate pest repellents like cedar blocks.

A great place to store offseason clothes is in suitcases or plastic crates.


If after de-cluttering and organising your wardrobe you feel that it is still a little crowded then I have a great tip:

Start by having all coat hangers hooks facing the same way in your wardrobe. From now on when an outfit has been worn then put the hanger back but with the hook turned around. This is a quick way of seeing at a glance what you have actually worn. What you thought you needed on the first sort through may actually not be realistic and you may be able to get rid of more!

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“Sharne is a Sydney based Professional Organiser. After spending most of her career in fashion she has found her calling in helping people reclaim their space and simplify their lives. “I love doing what I do and seeing what a difference it can make in peoples lives is very rewarding”


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