Body by Bex – What’s the point of these month long challenges?


Seems fitness challenges are everywhere you look nowadays. Every Facebook feed, Instagram page and fitness website has one on. So what’s all the fuss about?

I love them and have designed and taken part in my fair share of month-long challenges.  From ‘Out there October’ ‘Fitness February’  to ‘Master the Muscle May.’ My current June challenge is all about ‘Abs, Arms and Arse’ – so what’s the point of them?

Well apart from the obvious, of slowly building strength and endurance with particular exercises, I love them more for the fun and connection they can create.  From committing to it with your best friend to doing them at home with the hubby or kids!


unnamed (8)
They are meant to be fun and challenging!
I have found from personal experience that people don’t like to commit to too much, but with the gradual daily increase in exercise its achievable and before you know it your half way through the month-long challenge and there’s no point in stopping now….. is there?

So give it a go. Try one… It might not be for everyone but you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And the best bit you can do them anywhere….




“I’m still hanging in there Bex. Day 16 & today’s Day 17 really had me starting to hurt. I sure know day 30 will be a monster. I train with a 22 year old girl 3 mornings a week at Mingara who I’ve roped in as well. I think she now follows your Body By Bex page. She’s young and sure keeps me hopping haha. We hope to do day 30 together before the gym on that Tuesday. Thanks for putting it out there, I’ll do my best ”  Shaune Corrigan

FITNESS FACT: Fitness can help build relationships

FOOD FACT: Dark Chocolate (70-85%) is antioxidant rich & enhances endorphin release when eaten in moderation.


“Surround yourself with those

who challenge you, push you and

motivate you”




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