Technical issues!

You may have noticed things have been a little quiet on Organised Chaos lately (well, alot quiet).

This is because we are away on a family holiday and our internet access is limited.

By limited, I mean we have access, but what we can write/upload is limited… Not to mention Im on a borrowed laptop (my 3 month old one blew up 2 days before travel) and turns out the software is not compatible with wordpress (the platform I use to publish Organised Chaos).. So now I’m on my phone which is even worse.

I have THAT MUCH content waiting in my drafts to publish for you – our contributors worked extra hard to beat the holiday deadline – and I had planned to start blogging again tonight when I returned home…

HOWEVER I AM STRANDED IN BALI – yes you heard me correctly.  Volcanic ash has meant the cancellation of dozens of flights.  We are currently booked on the next avail flight home IN 9 DAYS TIME!!   We are hopeful that in the next few days the airlines will put on extra flights to get us home however… (Wishful thinking).

The sun is still shining through the haze (ash) so all is not lost, it could be worse – but it will be a little longer before I can blog properly again.

I am able to post to instagram (@org_chaos) and facebook (organised-chaos) so make sure you are following – links on the blog homepage.

You may be wondering how I am managing to post this note – it is simple text and no images, so it will ‘work’ – but I cant guarantee what it will look like or if words/paragraphs are aligned etc – so if this all looks a bit ‘half-assed’ you know why.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.



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