KAREN + MAKE UP = Foundations are the base of brilliance


By Make Up and Hair artist, Karen Dyer
Do you find wearing foundation actually enhances your fine lines making your skin look somewhat dehydrated, tight and flat? OR on the flip side too dewy or oily especially through the T-Zone?


Do you like the look of a tinted moisturiser because it’s light and evens out skin tone but sometimes lacks the extra coverage needed?


Face & Body Foundations is your answer…….


While experimenting with MANY brands, formulas, textures and finishes over the years it has repeatedly shown me, that no matter what your skin type or age, less is always more when it comes to foundation as long as you have the necessary coverage in the places you need it.


The easiest way to achieve this is to use a light silicone based foundation that is designed for “layering”. These formulas are known as Face & Body foundations. My all time fav is “Makeup Forever’s Face & Body”, (available from www.pmstudio.com.au) MAC also has a lovely one, although I haven’t had as much experience with that one.


These foundations are designed to layer, meaning that you can start as sheer as you like all over (very much like a tinted moisturiser, only it will last much longer) then you can build another layer and another and so on “just in the areas needed” without having to blanket your entire face.


Delicate eye areas are the first to show “expression lines” as I like to call them, so these are the areas we can stay light on as well as foreheads then layer the more prone areas to catching the sun etc where more coverage might be needed. The layers blend seamlessly together whether you are applying with fingers, sponges or brushes. Although it might take you that fraction longer until you get the hang of it, I highly recommend using a short duo fibre brush much like MAC’s 130, as it buffs it into your skin beautifully while using small light to the touch circular movements.
 unnamed (1)


I encourage you to look closely at your face in the mirror and break it up.  Really take note of exactly where the most coverage is needed compared to the least and apply your face & body foundation accordingly.


But remember the trick to long lasting hydrated faces is ALWAYS start with freshly cleansed and moisturised skin and don’t forget a sheer veil of eye cream under your eye (you’ll be surprised how just the smallest amount prior to applying foundation can help disguise those not so adoring fine lines, which guaranteed no one else will notice but you………..but if it makes you feel better not to see them then mission accomplished and you can go on smiling!)


Handy Hint: make sure you shake the bottle well before using it to ensure the silicone hasn’t separated and always on a new bottle expel the first few pumps.


Happy experimenting!


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