5 with … Paige West (Poppet and Button)


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Tell us about you? 

My name is Paige West I am the owner, designer and maker for our online interior décor store Poppet and Button. We are based on the gorgeous Central Coast Australia. I am lucky enough to work along side my amazingly talented and clever husband Glen, who quiet frankly is the muscles behind all our concrete piece’s. This is all done after he finishes his full time day job!  We have 2 little people in our lives’ Evie almost 3 and Flynn almost 1 and an over the top hypo golden retriever Sunny.





How was Poppet and Button started?

We originally had no intention of starting a business, I had started painting a doormat for myself shortly after the birth of Flynn to help keep my mind busy (other than mum busy) and creative to help avoid onset of PND, which unfortunately I had when our daughter was born.  I wanted to do anything I could to avoid this, due to a C-section, fitness was not an option. It all went from there, I posted a photo and shortly after that my friends wanted to buy mats, then random people on Instagram wanted to too. A month after the birth of Flynn we launched a Poppet & Button account, totally unexpected and so freakishly exciting. We started to think of things that we loved and what we would like around our home- and most importantly keeping it cost friendly for the everyday person, as we believe that everyone deserves nice things. Glen and myself have always had a passion and drive to grow something amazing that we can call our own, and to set a good example for our children.  If you were to ask me 10 months ago were would I be in a years time, I wouldn’t have dreamed of saying that I would be staying at home and working on an amazing business of our own.


Tell us something most people don’t know about you…

I worked in childcare for 5 years before morphing into the amazing Captain Starlight roll for the Starlight Children’s Foundation at John Hunter children’s hospital- this is the most rewarding and amazing job you could ask for. Having the privilege to be there to distract, chat, play and be silly with seriously ill children and their families is nothing short of an honor. I am so lucky that I was allowed into the lives of such inspiring families.

Glen ran away to the circus when he was 15 and spent  2 years there learning amazing life skills that he is passing on down to our kids- like how to do a hand stand, rolly polly, act like a clown and put a tent up! Ha!

Our business has been involved with amazing companies like White magazine, Petite Vintage Interiors, hello little birdie interiors, Westfield and the amazing “I heart bargains blog” all which are Instagram based.






Whats your best organising tip?

Write lists! It’s a no fail trick (unless you lose your list then your in trouble). As soon as you book appointments utilize the calendar reminder on your phone and set an alarm.  Time gets away fast – especially when you have kids.

Make sure everything has a place, after a couple of weeks you will find you will misplace things less and less.

Before a big day out I always prep bags, lunches, change of clothes and tidy the night before, and have everything ready at the door. It’s amazing how much easier it is when you only have to have breakfast and get dressed!


What’s next for Poppet and Button?

To come up with new and original design’s that add style and functionality to any home. Slowly growing our following and working alongside more interior designers. We are also working on a spin off to Poppet and Button and we have just released our new YouTube channel showing our daily lives, our outings, travels, reviewing favourite mum products. This channel is all about #reallife Australian family. Keeping it real and hoping to inspire other family’s to get outdoors and have fun! YouTube channel is “My Tribe And I” and on Instagram @mytribeand_i





Instagram @poppetandbutton



Instagram @mytribeand_i





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