Put a little junk in your trunk…


By Pilates instructor – Emma Boggi


People underestimate the importance of their butt. I for one use to think it was just something that followed me around, would sit on or had trouble squishing into my jeans. But…. (Pardon the pun)….. It is really important to have booty, especially a strong one.


The short version is that the role of your glutes is to support your hips and pelvis and help move your legs. And don’t forget that your spine and the weight of your upper body all load into this. Your backside takes you from sitting to standing, gets you up and down stairs, helps you walk, run, lift, dance and just plain old stand.


You need a healthy bum so you can do all that your day takes in along with making your quota on your fitbit of 10 thousand steps.  There are also some smaller muscles, which I refer to as the backup band to the glutes, which help to keep the hip joint in an optimal functioning position and thus offsetting knee and hip pain because you maintain good hip and knee alignment. In a way your bum, hips and knees all need to work together so as you stay upright and pain free.


And just incase you accidentally take a tumble, having something to land on will protect your pelvis from damage too.


Squats with a fit ball against the wall are great to build up glutes while maintaining a good spinal position. Make sure you push through your heels to feel the activation in your glutes.


Side lying clams against a wall are excellent too as they work the more intricate/deep muscles in the buttocks and hips.


You don’t need a booty like Nicky Minaj, however a little bit of a bum in your jeans will not only look good it will support you hips, legs & spine.


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Who is Emma Boggi?


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