Body by Bex – Super Slow Dry July

This week I wanted to tell you about what I am/have been doing over July. Dry July. After having 2 babies the idea of having an alcohol free month isn’t too hard to imagine or do when you put your mind to it. I do love my wine and G&Ts, so I would be lying if I didn’t say I miss it, but my liver will thank me for it!

However the idea behind Dry July is to raise money for adults with cancer in Australia so I choose rather than being sponsored, to donate the money I would spend on alcohol during the month instead.
Check out the below website to donate:
unnamed (5)
In addition to this I will be doing some Super Slow training…..I’ve not done this style training before but aim for  2 sessions per week along side my other normal training.

The idea behind this type of training originally popularized by an American called Ken Hutchins, is to build strength by the combination of very slow speeds of lifting and lowering of weights, over a 10-15 second period until the muscle is totally fatigued. This style training is supposed to increase strength and muscle over a 8-10 week period dramatically. So we will see.
unnamed (3)

FITNESS FACT:   In the 1940’s super slow weight training was used by body builders.

FOOD FACT:  Strawberries are excellent for healthy skin and regenerating intestinal flora.


“EAT clean

DRINK water

STAY active

BE healthy”




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