Tales from the Ballet

By ex-Australia Ballet senior Artist – Felicia


I am really looking forward to sharing some of my stories, recollections and personal experiences with you, the Organised Chaos readers. Today I thought I would begin with what I remember as a very funny incident from when I first joined the Australian Ballet…

I was in the Corp de Ballet – some of the most thrilling of times as you can imagine because we were this excited young family of dancers doing what we loved – dancing every day and night and sharing everything together.

I was 16 and elated that one of the first ballets I would dance would be Giselle. There was one particular boy, who was also new to the corps, that was given the part of walking on a stage with a large Great Dane. Unfortunately he was petrified of dogs. Working with animals has its challenges but even the best trained rarely have experience with 80 dancers jumping around them while extremely loud music strums from the live orchestra…



After 10 or so shows without a hitch (but still lots of nerves about the dog) the boy walked on stage as usual until the dog started to bark and then took off as they reached the bridge set up on the stage. The dancer lost his footing and was dragged along until he was caught hanging over the bridge by his ankle! Some of the audience could see it but the ballet had to go on. Given he wasn’t in any danger – just caught upside down – we continued to dance while he had to stay there for the last 15 minutes of the act! I remember laughing so hard while dancing that I could barely breathe – along with the other dancers and half of the audience…

You’ll be happy to know the dog was fine and so was the dancer, only a bruised ego and an increased fear of dogs. The dog got another chance the next night and he also got a new dancer to walk him across the stage.. My apologies to the “victim” of the bridge incident for mentioning him and sharing a laugh at his expense. He went on to become quite a star so it certainly didn’t harm his career, just made for a wonderful tale…






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