Organise it – How to store off season clothes


By Sharne Kuper of My Organised Home

Third and final part of Wardrobe Organisation 


Now for the final post in my “wardrobe organising” series. You have decluttered and organised. The next step will be when the seasons change to store your winter clothes as best you can so that they stay looking good.

Not many of us have the luxury of being able to fit all our clothing in the wardrobe at one time and to be honest I think if items are not going to be worn for up to 6 months then they are better off stored away and protected from dust and moisture. This also lets us see what we have in our closets and makes the “what am I going to wear today?” dilemma that much easier to solve.




The words that you need to remember when storing your off-season clothes are:


1. Clean all your clothes before they are stored away. Moths and other insects like silverfish are attracted to our everyday scents from body odour to perfumes and food.


2. Remove all plastic from your garments. Plastics like dry cleaning bags trap moisture, which can cause fibres to dry out, and fabrics to turn yellow. If you hang your special occasion clothes then the best type of garment bag you can buy to protect them is a cotton canvas one, this allows the clothes to breathe but still protects them from dust etc.


3. Storage. There is a trend at the moment to use the vacuum space saver bags to store clothes. This is not ideal. Clothes need to breathe. Therefore the ideal ways to store everyday items like jeans, T-shirts, wool and polyester is in plastic crates or alternatively suitcases. You should pack them loosely in the plastic crates so that maximum airflow is allowed. Avoid using cardboard boxes for storage as these attract vermin.

Don’t be put off by storing bulkier items like coats and jackets in plastic crates too. Ensure before storing that everything is out of the pockets then close all fastenings and gently fold.




4. Delicates and special items like those made of silk and cashmere need to be stored differently. I recommend once they have been cleaned to wrap each item in acid free tissue paper and then place them in a cotton canvas storage bag.


5. You can add Cedar blocks and balls to any items being stored away to keep pests at bay. These are just as effective as mothballs but without the terrible smell.


6. Off-season shoes also need to be stored appropriately to maximise their life. In the case of boots invest in some shoe-trees or alternatively make your own using a “pool noodle” cut to size. Doing this avoids slouchy misshapen or creased boots. Then place each in a cotton bag (an old pillow case can do the trick) and lay them flat in a plastic crate.


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“Sharne is a Sydney based Professional Organiser. After spending most of her career in fashion she has found her calling in helping people reclaim their space and simplify their lives. “I love doing what I do and seeing what a difference it can make in peoples lives is very rewarding”


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