Do you run your day, or does your day run you?



by Kristina Ambler

A quick timeless tip to shift your day from groundhog day to YOUR way.

Introduce some gratitude.

If we think about it,  another day actually waking up, after having somewhere to sleep, with an able body really is a win already.

Shifting to this way of thinking instead of waking with the feeling off “here we go again” can be a day changer.

Think about it… when we wake up thinking about all the things we HAVE to do or with that heavy attitude we feel it in our body.

The mind body connection is powerful and your body will meet you where you are at.

By shifting to a feeling of gratitude you instantly boost your mood, gain an appreciation for things in your life, feel more positive and can cope better with those not good situations.

We generally are drawn to thinking about what we don’t want to go wrong in the day although when we continue to focus and talk about these things it is generally what we bring in.

So a quick tip on waking if you instantly feel a little overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths.


unnamed (8)


I am a visualiser so I breathe a beautiful white protective light in and around my body.

I tune into the feeling that I wish to feel, not sometimes how I may wake feeling.

Example: Instead of I feel tired and a little stressed, feel into what it feels like to be calm, balanced and relaxed.

If it is happy – breathe in and visualise happy.  Really feel it, state it and own it and step into it now.

A tool I give clients is on waking write down 2 things you are grateful for, (no repeating the things from the previous day).




How we feel is a great indication of what is coming for the day.

You can’t control  all your circumstances although you can choose how you react to them.


‘when you are grateful

fear disappears

and abundance appears’

Tony Robbins


Have fun, and be you.

Life’s too short not too.
Much love

Kricket x


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