5 with … Candice Rowe (candi&co.)


Tell us about you? 

I am Candice, the founder and creative director of candi&co. However, its not just myself who runs candi&co. My good friend Ellise joined the team in late 2013. We are both stay at home mums and friends. So its enjoyable to share and enjoy the adventure of candi&co. with a bestie at your side.

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand and have been running since 2012.





How did candi&co. come about?

candi&co. came about when I was a  stay at home mum to at the time our 1 year old and my need for some sort of a creative outlet. I love DIY and I am also a very creative person, so I produced a few jars for a friends baby shower. Everyone loved the idea and it was my sister who pushed me to try selling them online. I remember being so excited and very surprised when I sold my very first jar and now three years on, we are still going strong.

After going solo for a few years and with a baby looming, it all became too much to handle on my own, so thats when Ellise joined the team to create the duo we now are!


Whats something most people don’t know about you?

My most interesting thing I would have to say is I danced for many years and became a qualified classical jazz ballet teacher. Sadly I have never pursued this, I’m not exactly sure why as its my passion but time and energy just doesn’t allow for it.






What’s next for candi&co?

Next for our business is looking for new products, which is where our prints have come in.



What is your best organising tip?

My best organising tip would have to be every season to go through your wardrobe,  the kids clothes, toys etc. and get rid of unwanted items. If you haven’t used it or worn it for a season, you’re likely to never wear it again. If parting with it is sweet sorrow, then gift it to a friend or a charity shop, you’ll get that feel good factor, whilst organising your life. Also, if you’re like me, we live in a tiny home and have little storage, and space. So getting things up off the floor is essential – clever shelving and alternative storage items are a must! My approach is definitely less is more!  (Great tips Candice.. see more great Wardrobe organising tips in our 3 part series recently published on Organised Chaos here).








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