Kids Style File – Wardrobe planning for kids


By Stylist – Nat Baker.


We are almost at the end of Winter (yippee) and soon enough we will probably be sorting out our kid’s wardrobes for the next season. If you do this, your life will be easier. Try to figure out what fits, what is too small, what has worn out and what your child actually NEEDS. Remove anything from their wardrobe that doesn’t need to be there. (It just adds to the confusion.)


unnamed (3)


What does your child need?


The 3 KEY things I always ask myself….


Age – is this age appropriate?


Lifestyle – is this dressy shirt or tutu dress OK for the park? Is it comfortable?


Budget – what is my realistic budget? David Jones, Myer, Zara, Seed, Witchery, Cotton on Kids, Bonds, BIG W, Target, Kmart all have their advantages depending on how much you want to spend $$$.


NOW….make a list if you need to. Take photos/take existing items from wardrobe along with you to the stores if you need to coordinate.


unnamed (1)


Try to buy all of items that you need all at the same time, so that everything works back together. Most retailers develop their clothing ranges so that items can be worked back/worn together easily. If you find that you are colour/style challenged, then buy all of your items at the one store. It will then be easier for you and your child to put outfits back together. Choose a couple of colours/tones that work & stick to those colours. Make sure that each item works back with at least one other item. It takes a little extra time to put things together in the stores, but it makes life soooo much easier in the long run.


unnamed (4)


Check out some of the photos above/below for ideas on “Capsule Wardrobes” for Babies and Kids. All of these items coordinate and “mix” back with the other items. There is some really affordable, FUN Kidswear hitting the stores now so it is a perfect time to get ready for the next season.


Remember…..Keep it really simple.




BOYS – A selection of Tees/Tanks + Shorts + Jean/Chino + Jacket + Shirt


unnamed (2)
GIRLS – A selection of Tees/Tanks + Skirt + Shorts + Dress + Jeans/Tights + Jacket/Cardi


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